Contamination Monitoring Centre

CMC now gives you the complete picture 

The Contamination Monitoring Centre (CMC) combines technology to enable sampling on low pressure hydraulic and lubrication systems where aeration can be an issue.CMC_displays 1

The CMC suppresses the air bubbles so they are no longer counted as particles. It also allows for continuous particle monitoring on systems where no oil pressure is evident.

The use of ISO11171 particle counters is accepted as best practice when it comes to monitoring lubrication and hydraulic fluids on mission critical equipment.

However, it is still possible to have oil filtered to an acceptable NAS class and it still be corrosive and thus be damaging to the system due to high acid levels, additive package breakdown and lower viscosity levels.

_YCH3442 E

To counteract this issue and cover all the angles, the contamination motoring centre (CMC) not only monitors for unwanted particle contaminant in the fluid, but also monitors the oil condition, including its temperature & viscosity, thus reducing any gaps in the data being acquired.

The CMC can be installed in most low pressure hydraulic & lubrication systems ranging from zero bar pressure to a max of 50 bar (D version pump). A further option (B version pump) can be installed on systems with a max of 6 bar on inlet of CMC pump and a max of 3 bar on system return. These two options give the user the versatility to install the CMC in a variety of different system applications.

The in-built motor/pump assembly and automatic particle monitor (CMC) can be wired to directly, allowing control through a wide range of communication protocols and logic controllers._YCH3375 E

Both variants of CMC come with a CMS complete with RS485/232 MODBUS & CANBUS (J1939 typical) protocols for remote control.

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