XL7 Viscometer

The XL7 viscometer leads the world in defining new standards of performance, reliability and cost.

The XL7 series represents a wide range of standard viscometers, covering nearly all applications.  In addition, custom instruments can be made for special situations.

All instruments are supplied with a VP550 Signal Processor unit, which can be hooked up to temperature sensors to automatically calculate viscosity corrected to a specific reference temperature.
Every viscometer is factory calibrated in an ISO9001 laboratory to national traceable standards.  Each device delivers high accuracy and long duty with simple installation, no maintenance and unbeatably low cost of ownership.



All standard instruments are available as intrinsically safe, high temperature and/or hygienic models and come with the process connection of your choice.

There is no special pipework or calibration required.  Simply fit to the line, connect the power and you’re ready to go.  It really is that simple.

in-line viscometer S1

XL7 transducers are designed to work right in the heart of the process. They are not affected by pipe / tank size, or upset by gas or air bubbles. Installation and operation is quick and simple and should not require any special training or skills.



Key points to note:

  • Tank or pipe mounting
  • Operates in any orientation
  • No special pipework required
  • No pumps or bypass piping
  • Any process connection
  • Cable length up to 3km
  • No on-site calibration
  • Easy installation

The VP550 Signal processor is connected to the XL7 transducer via a simple 3 core cable and provides all display and signals for plant operation. Transducer and processor can be mounted up to 1000 meters apart. Analogue 4-20mA and serial data outputs allow for direct connection with recording and supervisory equipment for viscosity monitoring and control.
XL7 viscometers are frequently used as part of an automatic viscosity-based process control feedback loop.

Practically any process coupling can be factory fitted to your new viscometer, ranging from flanges and threads to hygienic RJT, IDF and tri-clamp or ingold fittings. All you have to do is specify at the ordering stage.





For more information on how this range of polymer viscometer could enhance your plant efficiency or would like a quote, please contact us on any of the numbers below or refer to our technical page to download the appropriate data sheets.