Mobile Oil Tester

One of the key issues in any predictive maintenance programme, especially on mission critical assets, is the time it takes to get critical information back from lab analysis. This time delay could be the difference between a breakdown through damaged components and planned stoppage. That is why many companies have invested in installed on-condition options to allow them to forward plan.

But what if you look after a number of sites and can not justify the expense of installing live systems on every critical asset within your group, are you left to just wait and see? NO. Now you can check your critical asset with our Mobile Oil Tester from Tan Delta.

The Tan Delta Oil Mobile Oil Tester enables you to quickly realise the benefits of the Tan Delta Oil Quality Sensor, it has been designed to be very easy to use and it will give you an immediate view of the quality of the oil being sampled.

The kit includes everything you need to see the Tan Delta Oil Quality Sensor in action, all you need to add are some samples of oils to be tested.

Why not order a kit today and start enjoying the benefits of the Tan Delta Oil Quality Sensor.

For more information, or a PDF brochure contact any of the numbers below.

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