SAT – G96

Only a few years ago the cost of acquiring sate of the art technology to assist in reliability centred maintenance programmes would have been cost restrictive for many, but we are glad to say “not any more”.


At the heart of the G96 is a high resolution 640 x 480 UFPA detector. With an array of 307,200 active detectors, every on-screen pixel offers an accurate and reliable temperature measurement reading, while a very high thermal sensitivity of 60mK (0.06°C @ 30°C, 50/60Hz) allows the G96 to display the sharpest images with superior image quality.

With safety and operability in mind the G96 comes with a 5″ detachable LCD display making working in hazardous areas and on long surveys easier for the operator. The detachable remote control panel can be operated in either the left or right hand and allows for full access to the camera functions.


Thermal Imaging

The G96 has a standard composite video output which is user switchable between both NTSC (60Hz) and PAL(50Hz). The thermal image is displayed on the LCD or viewfinder, with no time-lag or ghosting found in 9Hz models, which guarantees a complete and vivid thermal image.

5 inch Screen 1

4 – Point Identification

The G96 has four methods to identify the target. The digital camera helps to visualise the target, the illumination helps to light the target area in dark environments, the laser pointer helps pin point the target and the thermal camera measures the temperature of the target.

Thermal Video Recording

G96 can record a non-radiometric thermal video directly onto the cameras SD card. The user can save the thermal video unto a total of 2 hours using a 2GB SD card. The thermal video is stored in MP4 format, which can be played back by any generic media player.


The ability to take high quality “Duo-Vision” images allows for better image interpretation. The user can move the infrared image overlay and alter the transparency to suit their application.

Other Features

  • Optional Lenses (Standard 24° x 18° – 2 x Wide Angle 48° x 36°, – 2 x telephoto 12° x 9°, – 3 x telephoto 7° x 5° and a 100μm macro lens is available for close up scientific and medical applications)
  • Extendable Temperature Range (Standard temperature range of -20°C to 600°C with optional 1000°C, 1500°C or 2000°C)
  • Voice Annotation via Bluetooth
  • Moveable Spots x 9
  • Auto Tracking Hot/Cold Spot
  • Line Profile
  • Area Boxes x 5
  • Multiple Isotherms
  • Configurable High/Low Temperature Set-Points (Visual indicator and audible alarm when the temperature of the target exceeds the set point)