HotFind L-R

It was our mission when we started the business and still is, was that we encourage reliability centred maintenance (RCM) methodology by providing instruments that are easy to use, reliable and cost effective. This has been realised with the HotFind L-R, as It has been designed with the operator in mind.IMG_0327

The HotFind series of cameras are optimised for use in demanding factory working environments. It can withstand vibration, dust, water and is fully certified to meet IP65 encapsulation.

Unlike many thermal cameras currently on the market the HotFind range have a fold away 3.5″ LCD screen that not only protects the screen and function buttons from accidental damage but also allows the user to adjust the angle for better viewing. Other key features include:

High Frame Rate in Real Time

  • HotFind series adopts NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) composite video output. The thermal images are displayed in real time which guaruntees complete and vivid thermal imaging with no ghosting.

Extendable Temperature Range

  • Objects of different temperatures require the corresponding temperature ranged infrared cameras. The HotFind series has four temperature ranges. It can be extended from the standard -20 to 250 degrees C, up to + 1500, which means the HotFind series can also be widely used in high temperature applications.

Measurement Features

  • The HotFind series has integrated spots (up to 9), line profile, area boxes (up to 5), multiple isotherm and auto tracking analysis providing accurate non-contact temperature measurement.

Various Optional Lenses

  • Flexible design of the camera means the HotFind series can be fitted with various optional lenses for different field of view. All lenses are field replaceable and allow for long distance, wide angle or close views. 

Duo-Vision Technology

  • The HotFind series can take high quality “Duo-Vision” images which aids better interpretation througIR_0069hthermal and visual blending. The user can move the infrared image overlay and alter the transparency to suit their application.


  • Users can add voice annotation to the thermal images via a Bluetooth headset. The recording can be saved with the thermal image and can be played back in the headset or by using the supplied SatIrReport software.Software pic1

USB Real Time Thermal Video Recording

  • Full radiometric thermal data can be transferred via the USB2.0 interface to a PC in real-time for analysis and reporting in the ReportIR USB software.

Tripod Mounting

  • With the standard 1/4″_20 mounting socket, the HotFind-VR&LR can be attached to a tripod easily, ideal for monitoring applications. Add the optional AC adaptor and the user can use the HotFind-VR&LR for continuous monitoring.


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We also supply a wide selection of installed cameras as well as thermography level 1 & 2 training courses. These are based on ASNT course outline and are accredited by BINDT.