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Electric power is the lifeline in the economic development of any country, it is so interwoven in the fabric of our daily lives that it is difficult to imagine what we would do without it. It would be difficult for you to read this page for a start. So power equipment becomes a key lifeline to much of what we take for granted, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Business & Industry
  • Security
  • Tourism & Recreation

Therefore, the working condition of the power equipment directly affects the sustainability of this lifeline.

The kind of power equipment used, their variety and complexity are numerous. Hence the type of faults are just as diverse, but most of these have a temperature phenomenon. Thermal imaging is a relatively new technology, but it has a lot of advantages in the detection of electric power equipments operational status, not least of these is the ability to monitor condition from a safe distance without having to interrupt supply.


Construction Industryheat loss

According to one internet source “insulation is one of the most important factors in improving building energy efficiency. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) often accounts for more than half the energy expense of a building. Insulation helps to improve the energy efficiency of heating and cooling. Depending on the selected insulating material, the economic impact on heating costs can be quite dramatic.”

With this in mind and the cost of heating escalating, it make financial sense to check that the insulation property of buildings and heating pipework.

Energy losses, cold bridges and leakages can be localized without contact and the presentation of surface moisture for fast localisation of potential mould risk in buildings is unique in building thermography.

Other applications for the use of thermal cameras in buildings are as follows:

  • Detect building faults and ensure building quality
  • Locating leaks on flat roofs
  • Irregular temperature distribution in heating systems
  • Ruptured underfloor heating pipes
  • Solar pannel efficiency


Manufacturing Industry1

Second to time, temperature is one of the most measure values and this fact is no different in industry. While it is true on the failure mode curve, temperature is nearer to the failure point than other methods such as fluid analysis, it is certainly just as important.

The value of thermography in industry can be measured by the early sign of wear, possible system failure and accurate and reliable quality assurance. Some of the areas this has proven true are in:

  • Bearing wear
  • High voltage buzz-bars & cabaling
  • High voltage panels
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Level indicators in bulk liquid storage
  • Electric motors
  • Fire detection & potential ignition sources
  • Seal integrity



The use of thermography in the medical profession has been around for some time, in fact over 50 years. But for many the cost of the equipment was just too much. However, with the advances in technology, medical thermography has had a revival and not just for humans, but also for animals with the largest growth seen in equine thermography.

Because of the way our bodies react to infection and trauma and the way the thermal cameras are designed, it now possible with a sensitive enough camera to pick up early signs of; Inflammatory phenomena like; arthritis, sprains, infection, even early detection of cardiovascular disease.

Some sources have even suggested that phenomena like Neovascular can be detected and thus be used as part of the fight against cancer.

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