CK Series

iStock_000012276570SmallPowerful software and SDK supporting

For R&D research and processing control applications, the CK series is supplied with the NVS System software or SatirReport USB software which supports multiple real time analysis (spots, areas, profiles & isotherms), alarms, reporting, saving and replaying of radiometric thermal video on a PC.

SAT Diagnostic software is another choice for users who are working in diagnostic applications such as medical diagnostics, electronic testing, power resistor testing, PCB testing / validation / verification and fault tracing in board assemblies.

For customised systems such as machine vision, the SDK software package will meet the most demanding requirements.


Choice of System

  • The CK series of cameras are customised to meet your requirements.

Power Supply

  • The CK cameras are equipped with a standard PoE (power over ethernet, IEEEE802.3af) or standard Dc-in socket. Via the PoE router, data transmission and the camera power can be supplied by a single network cable.

Visual Camera

  • CK Series of cameras have the option to be equipped with a long range visual camera. The video output of the thermal and visual camera are simultaneously available. In the NVS software the visual and thermal images are matched together.

Precise PTZ mechanism

  • MVC-008FAll CK cameras can be mounted on a PTZ mechanism. It allows the user to rotate the camera 360 and to tilt it from -85 to + 20. This can drastically increase situational awareness. The PTZ comes with 80 preset positions. With the NVS system software, it can auto scan an area continuously. Outdoor dome housings are also available.

Internet Data Transfer

  • The CK series of cameras are equipped with 100Mbit, RJ45/Wi-Fi internet connection for temperature data and thermal video transferring. Operators can remotely control the CK series of camera via the NVS system software from an office or from home.

 Real Time Temperature Measuring

  • CK Series cameras are designed for accurate non contact temperature measurement, including 9 moveable spots, auto tracking hot/cold spot, line profile, 5 area boxes and isotherm. The thermal image is taken in real time at 50/60Hz frame rate and no lagging or time delay will be seen.

 Alarm System

  • GF3000B¦Ô+-1Over temperature alarm system is another function of the CK series of cameras. The operator can configure a high/low temperature set point in the software and when the temperature exceeds the set point, the camera will produce an on screen alarm on the map, an audible alarm and/or export the alarm signal to the security alarm system or the fire suppression system. When the cameras are producing an alarm signal, the software will record the thermal images along with the video and will create a thermal alarm report on the PC.

 Multi Optional Selection

  • A complete selection of UFPA detectors are available for the CK series of cameras, 160×120, 384×288, 640×480. Various different lenses including wide angle, telephoto, 9mm, 19mm and 25mm are available to meet your requirements. CK-V series cameras have a thermal and visual camera included, that supply both thermal and visual images.

Other Key Features are:

  • High accuracy within a temperature range of -20°C~ + 250°C, optional unto + 1500°C
  • Easy to install and operateIMG_0320
  • Excellent thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 0.05k
  • IP66 encapsulation
  • Auto focus and motorised lens
  • Up to 50/60Hz video stream
  • Gigabit ethernet socket or USB interface
  • MS Windows XP/Vista/Win7 supported

For more information or a quote on this product range, please call 08453 890474 or email and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

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