NV618 B/C

NV618 B-1One of our ambitions as a business is to try to find and encourage the use of technology that will increase safety. We think we have done this with the NV618 B/C and if you have ever been driving at night in heavy fog, you will understand what we mean, as your headlights are of limited use due to reflection.

Imagine though for a moment that you are a ship captain and you were trying to get back to port or you have just been out sailing for the day and the weather turns foul. How much safer you would feel if you could see up to 800 meters ahead of you without any reflection issues.

prod-nv618-2-300x300Just imagine how beneficial this would be to search and rescue teams when trying to find lost individuals in heavy fog conditions. But surely such a system would be too expensive or difficult to install and remove when not in use!

nv618-interiorWe are pleased to announce that this is not the case, in fact this is one of the key design elements, the ability to install and uninstall easily. Other key features are:

  • High resolution, high imaging quality (384 x 288 pixels)
  • Easy to install or disassemble
  • Portable design, can be mounted on different automobiles
  • Powered by Cigarette lighter power, no need for change in circuit
  • 7 inch LCD display
  • Wide angle lens for broad field of view
  • 100meters effective detection distance
  • IP65 encapsulation
  • 800 meters observation distance (vehicle)

prod-nv618-4-150x150User Benefits:

The field of view of the NV618B/C is 28° x 21°. It can detect a car at a distance of 800 meters or detect a human at 300 meters. This means that the NV618 series can detect a car or human approximately 13 seconds earlier at 80km/h.

This could be the difference between being involved in an accident or being able to take avoiding action.

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