Core Module HR640L

HR640 Core

The HR range of thermal cores modules while offering you three different resolutions, have a number of things in common, they are lightweight and small, have digital zoom and all have NTSC & PAL video output for monitor link up.

Primary features include:

  • Resolution. The camera core is available with 640*480 pixels. Customer can choose the most suitable type according to their own requires.
  • Compact, light and tiny. The camera core is about 50g (not including lens ) and very small. It’s very easy to integrated into the target equipment.
  • Control functions. Parameters, including brightness, contrast, auto-gain can be set by the user. Customer can also set the parameters via the RS232 interface.
  • Digital zoom. Our camera core has 2X/4X zoom function. Digital zoom will be great help when the target is too small to identify.
  • NTSC & PAL video output. We supply PAL or NTSC, 16-bit parallel digital signal or analog signal. Video format must be specified at time of order.