Pressure Systems Safety Awareness

Operator Level Training Course

Course Code: ES2014MTC

Who would benefit from this course?

Operators and supervisors responsible for operating hydraulic equipment, but are not maintenance technicians.


Course Overview

iStock_000011588786XSmallEneffTech Services offer a one day classroom based course which provides an overview of Hydraulic safety and basic concepts as used in Industrial equipment.

This course covers legislation and responsibilities along with personal, equipment and environmental safety issues. The programme is designed to assist in making the delegate aware of the fundamental components in a hydraulic system (to block diagram level) and understand their function, along with the function of safety devices and the principle hazards faced when operating industrial hydraulic equipment.

Course Modules

The course contains the following content:

  • Basic concepts of hydraulics
  • Legislation & Responsibilities
  • Personnel safety
  • Equipment safety
  • Environmental safety

Learning Outcomes – Morning Session

Basic concepts of hydraulics – Candidates should be able to explain:-

  • The fundamental components of a hydraulic system (to block diagram level) and their function
  • The principles hazards faced when operating hydraulic equipment
  • The function of safety devices found on industrial hydraulic systems

This is just a taster of a FULL days programme so it goes without saying that all refreshments will be provided along with all course material and attendance certificate after a written assessment.

For more information on the rest of the days programme please call us on 08453 890474 or email us for a brochure at