Thermal Cameras

Recent advances in thermal technology used by many police and armed forces, not forgetting fire fighters, have opened up a huge range of condition monitoring possibilities in industry and other commercial sectors.

From detecting infectious disease, to diagnosing electrical, mechanical and hydraulic problems. Infrared technology is now an indispensable tool in the portfolio of tools used by those who adopt the methodology of predictive and preventative maintenance.69093641 Ideal for use in HVAC and Building Applications to highlight energy losses and reduce costs.

Weak points in buildings or leaks in heating and ventilation systems can lead to high energy losses and increased costs. Energy loss can be precisely identified and documented with today’s thermal imagers.

The presence of surface humidity can be identified using dynamic humidity measurement for fast localisation of mould risk spots, unique in building thermography.

Ideal for a wide range of HVAC and building management applications. Specifically to test heating
systems and installations, detect construction faults, ensure building quality, prevent mould growth
and detect energy loss.

Provide precise analysis and reliable documentation for professional industrial thermography. Anomalies in production process often lead to costly down times. With the new range of thermal imagers, materials are tested completely non intrusively, thereby identifying problems before malfunctions occur.

Thermography1Thermal imager are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including maintenance work, preventative mechanical maintenance and reliable high-temperature
The additional integrated digital camera which is included on specific models, facilitates documentation. The auto hot/cold spot recognition ensures uninterrupted error localisation on site.
In addition, multiple-age thermography reports can also be created quickly and easily with the PC software. Perfect for trending and root cause analysis.

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