Zero Loss Condensate Drains

In these days of high and ever increasing energy prices, businesses are needing to be smarter on it use. Undeniably compressed air is very costly to produce, especially when you take into consideration capital expenditure for the equipment, maintenance costs, depreciation and electricity costs.

So does it make sense to sacrifice some of that investment (compressed air) to get rid of a waste product, that of condensate that builds up in your air receiver? Not if there is another way…

BEKOMAT®guarantees a short payback period

BEKOMAT® from BEKO has become the industrial standard because of its high reliability and particularly because it offers energy-saving operation without loss of compressed air. There are a number of very good technical reasons for this.

Compared with float drains, BEKOMAT® has decisive advantages, especially since it:

  • functions unaffected by dirt, resulting in reliable operation
  • is equipped with a fault signal
  • requires very little maintenance
  • has large cross-sections to prevent emulsification

BEKOMAT® also has decisive advantages over solenoid valves, especially since it:

  • operates in accordance with the actual condensate quantity
  • avoids unnecessary loss of compressed air
  • is equipped with a fault signal
  • has large cross-section value to prevent emulsification


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