Dew-Point Meters

Once your compressed air system is under contract it is easy to assume that the dryer is taking all the moisture out of the system to an acceptable level. But can you be sure?

You can, if you monitor the down stream air with a dew point meter. That is why we at EneffTech Services recommend the installation of the Testo 6740.

The testo humidity sensor is generally calibrated at several points to ensure minimum deviations. For trace humidity measurement, high-precision reference measurement (dew-point mirror) is used to help carry out a calibration at -40 degrees CtP (pressure dew-point)

To demonstrate the accuracy of testo’s humidity sensor, five sensors were extensively tested in a large number of international calibration institutes over a 5-year period. All the measurement results confirmed the high accuracy of 1% RH.

Monitor trace humidity, avoid damage

Dry air, compressed air and dry gases are used in all areas of industry. Humidity is normally undesirable because it can cause damage or impair the quality of the end product.

How can costs be reduced?

As well as ensuring compliance with a quality class either 1 or 4 by monitoring your dryers performance, the main reason for using the testo 6740 is to monitor and avoid excessive humidity in the system so as to avoid damage and in addition, dryer operating costs can be reduced sharply.


However, what if you do not want a fixed installation, but want a mobile solution?

No problem. With the Beko Metpoint DPM, mobile due point measuring device, you can now, with no strings attached measure precisely the critical parameters in your compressed air and other gas systems.

With this, the mobile dew-point measuring device makes an excellent contribution to the monitoring of compressed-air quality at stationary and mobile compressed-air generators and in mobile applications, for example, buses and trains.

Fast Response Time

Plug & Play

Easy Handling

Long Battery Life

For mobile and stationary compressed air installations

All Good reasons for purchasing the Metpoint DPM dew-point meter

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