Find & Fix

Pay for the air you use, not for leaks!

Compressed air is the most used energy fluid in industry but also the most expensive. Based on 5 years’ consumption at a rate of 6,000 production hours a year, it is generally accepted that compressed air production costs are divided into 75 % for the provision of energy, 13 % investment and 12% maintenance costs.

compressed air leak cost

Leaks may represent 30 – 40 % of the amount consumed.

You must realize that leaks may occur anywhere in the network. A real proactive program to seek out this type of waste is more than vital to reduce the loss to a reasonable amount of 5 % of the amount consumed.

With this in mind and cognizant that maintenance staff are often over stretched, EneffTech will not only find the leak for you and tag them using the proven traffic light system, green being not urgent, amber being some time soon and Red meaning fix as soon as possible, but also organize costs and a team to fix the problems. Thus allowing you to use your time on other more pressing matters.

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