Fluid Power

Maintenance Hydraulic ‘short’ course

Course Overview
EneffTech Services offer a two day course which provides an overview of Hydraulic Systems as used in Plant and Industrial equipment.
This course covers the basic principles of how a fluid power system functions along with the key components that make up a hydraulic power system.
The programme is designed to assist in making the delegate aware of those components in the system and understand the function, basic set-up and maintenance procedures for them, as well as safety and environmental considerations.


  • No previous hydraulic knowledge required
  • This course has been designed for non technical staff,  Maintenance Engineers, Technical and sales individuals involved in the maintenance management and design of fluid power systems
  • The course utilizes practical hand-on training equipment to augment the learning experience
  • Courses are run from our partners specially equipped Windermere Offices, thus avoiding excessive travel and accommodation costs, saving you money. So why not mix business with pleasure and enjoy what Lakeland has to offer.
  • Course includes a brief introduction to other level 2 modules for further career development
  • Two day course


  • Increase awareness of fluid power applications
  • Impart a basic knowledge of fluid power maintenance procedures
  • Deliver practical hands on experience of optimizing, fault finding and building hydraulic systems
  • Provide course material that is delivered from a centre of excellence local to the client
  • Help mitigate overhead costs associated with Course Modules career professional development, such as travel, accommodation and sustenance
  • Enable delegates to understand their own specific hydraulic installation and circuit drawings
  • Underpin fluid power safety awareness


A short written multiple choice exam is held at the end of the course and those who are successful will receive their certification

Next Course Date

(Call for exact dates as these could change)

Course Location

C/O MTCS Windermere Business Centre, Oldfield Court,
Cumbria LA23 2HJ

For more information on this service such as course location, course content and cost, please send an email to info@enefftech.co.uk or contact us using any of the numbers below.