The precise identification of the current volume flow is the basis for many analyses, documentations and decisions in connection with a compressed-air system. If you can accurately know what volume of air you are using and when, then you can begin to understand how much you are wasting.

METPOINT FLM measures, documents and analyses the volume flow. This enables both exact leak monitoring and correct identification of the total consumption. Coupled with a programme of find & fix, the supplied trend reporting software can quite easily show you the beneficial effects of your energy saving project.

The basis of economic planning starts with defining the consumption and then identifying the losses.

By precisely identifying the current volume flow by means of the METPOINT FLM, components of a plant can be dimensioned particularly economically when possible overloads (like air speeds which are too high) or malfunctions are quickly and unequivocally identified. The exact allocation of consumption shares to individual production stages also offers possibilities for fact-based economic decisions. Moreover, the volume flow measurement shows how much compressed air disappears as a result of leakages. This is an important economic factor because every third compressor is operated exclusively to compensate for air losses.

METPOINT FLM can be installed easily and quickly, even under pressure. Versatile interfaces allow the trouble-free integration into existing process control systems.

The METPOINT®FLM advantages at a glance:

  • Installation and removal possible under pressure
  • Applicable from 1/4″ to 10″
  • Plug & play
  • Includes data logger (1 million measured values)
  • Easy PC connection


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