Clearpoint 3E Filters

The energy costs of a compressed-air system are decisively influenced by the pressure drop occurring during compressed-air filtration. To maintain the required operating pressure, this pressure drop needs to be compensated by correspondingly higher compressor performance.

The consequence: increased energy demand and service intervals, premature wear of the compressor, and therefore higher costs.

Since our mission is to help you reduce your energy consumption, we recommend the installation of Beko’s CLEARPOINT 3E filter technology.

The benefits are clear: low operating costs, long lifetime, excellent process reliavility, efficient and dependable filtration of aerosol, oil & dust.

This comprehensive range of products covers a performance spectrum between 35 and 34,680 m³/h (at 7 bar) and includes threaded and flanged filters, as well as high-pressure filters up to 500 bar.

Through the innovative 3E filter elements (3E = Energy Efficient Element) and a flow-optimised, corrosion-protected housing construction, CLEARPOINT offers safe and reliable filtration and qualitatively better compressed air at significantly reduced operating costs.

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